Paint By Numbers UK

As we all know, digital Paint By Numbers UK painting is a painting learning product that is very suitable for beginners of oil painting. During the epidemic, it is a very good family entertainment choice, which is very conducive to decompression and mood adjustment.

Below we compare the digital paint by numbers painting with other similar products

Digital oil paint by numbers painting VS cross stitch
1. It is more fun than cross-stitch (the feeling of painting oil by yourself is different)
2. Higher grade than cross-stitch (finished works are exquisite and real grade)
3. Faster than cross stitch (the same specification only takes one tenth of the time of cross stitch)
4. It is more convenient than cross stitch (no grid, no alignment, no mounting)

Digital oil paint by numbers painting VS traditional oil painting
1. It is cheaper than traditional oil paintings (cheaper than general production oil paintings in running water)
2. It is more interesting than traditional oil painting (it is better to buy a finished one to make a meaningful one)
3. It is more precious than traditional oil paintings (my own works are worth collecting for a lifetime)
4. Prettier than traditional oil painting (the unique style of digital painting is very decorative)

Digital oil paint by numbers painting VS mechanism frameless painting
1. It is more valuable than frameless paintings (frameless paintings are all very low in value of machine printing)
2. It is lighter than frameless paintings (frameless paintings have higher transportation costs)
3. Durable than frameless paintings (frameless paintings use density boards, which are prone to moisture and deformation for a long time)
4. More interesting than frameless paintings (DIY digital frameless paintings are frameless oil paintings drawn by yourself)

Digital oil paint by numbers painting is different from children's color painting
1. Children's color paintings are only suitable for children to learn, and cannot be used as home decoration paintings;
2. Children's color painting is only suitable for children under 7 years old, digital painting is suitable for all ages;
3. There is no color matching function for children's coloring pictures, and the same color of each picture cannot be personalized;
4. The children's coloring paintings have no gradients and layers, and cannot form complicated realistic pictures.

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Here is some paint by numbers painting tips from DiamondArtCrafts:
    1. Start with light colors, such as white, light yellow, etc. Since the acrylic paint has the covering property, even if it is wrong, it can be modified after the paint is dried.
    2. It is recommended to apply the paint twice. Light colors can be applied more times because of the poor coverage of the black numbers, but wait for the paint to dry before repeating the paint. Try to make the paint thicker and heavier, so as to have more oil painting effect, and try to keep the stroke direction consistent.
    3. When applying paint, please pay attention to the color pressure and cover the black lines of the color block to ensure the authenticity of the oil painting.
    4. Acrylic paints are easy to dry. Always cover them when not in use to prevent them from drying out. Acrylic pigments are water soluble, even if the pigment is dry, it can be dissolved in water.
    5. After the painting is completed, the paint is dried and then coated with a brightener. The effect of the brightener can make the color more bright and highlight the brush strokes of the oil painting. In addition, a protective film is formed on the screen to avoid the trouble of being difficult to clean for a long time.
    6. The lightening agent only needs a thin layer, apply it and put it in a ventilated place for 24 hours to dry.