Paint By Numbers For Beginners

Purchase Paint By Numbers For Beginners kit with frame.

It's better to work on a canvas with a border, so that the canvas will stay tight when you work, and it's unlikely to crease on it. Most of our suites have a border option. If you buy our standard 40x50cm oil painting, and there is no border to choose from, you can buy the border here.

Framed canvas for digital painting.

Keep the work area clean.

It's useful to cover the area you plan to treat with an old newspaper to keep it clean. The color is not very smooth, and the risk of soiling this place is not so high. However, having a clean and tidy place will help you focus on your work and avoid being distracted by splashes and stains.

Follow the digital drawing tips.

Start from scratch.

Start at the top of the canvas and continue down to avoid any stains. If you are left-handed, it is better to start from the top right corner; if you are right-handed, it is better to start from the top left corner. In this way, the risk of stains will be minimized.

Start in the background.

Paint one color at a time, preferably darker. These are usually part of the background and will help you create an outline that gives you a general idea of the picture you are about to draw. Once you have completed the background, continue to smaller areas.

DIY digital painting.

Keep the brush clean.

Clean the brush every time you switch from one color to another. The paint dries quickly, and if you don't wash it immediately, it will destroy your brush. You can prepare a bottle of water and a brush bowl. Wet towels are also very helpful for cleaning brushes. Now choose from more than 1500 unique designs from paint by numbers home.

DIY painting kit.

Pay attention to the paint.

Be sure to close the paint cover when you don't use it, because it may dry out soon. If the paint is dry, you can try adding water to restore its creamy texture.

Paint and brush by number.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

If you fill in a number with the wrong color, you don't have to worry. You can wait for the paint to dry and then cover the surface with the right color. If you still see the wrong color below, try to cover it with another layer of the right color.

Don't overdo it.

You don't need to use a lot of colors for every part of the canvas. Don't take a lot of colors, because the canvas may not absorb the extra colors well, which may cause stains.

Let's take a rest.

If you're new, just know you don't have to finish it in one go. Divide it into parts and you'll enjoy more each time. Don't worry, when you think it took a lot of time, tell yourself it took Leonardo da Vinci seven years to complete the Mona Lisa.

Expert tips for Paint By Numbers For Beginners .

Tip 1: clogged brush.

The paint number in the paint set is acrylic paint. This thick paint usually gets stuck in the brush once it's dry and doesn't fall out easily. It will take you a lot of time to remove it. Grab the nail polish thinner and dip it in for a few seconds. The thick color will soon leave the hair, there will be no trouble.

DIY painting tips.

Tip 2: don't hesitate to use water.

I recommend that you do not use this color directly on the canvas. I've told you that the paint is thick. You'd better add a few drops of water to it, and then apply it according to your needs to make it thicker.

Draw by number.

Tip 3: wet cloth.

Let me tell you a secret here. The brush needs to be cleaned frequently. Please use wet cloth instead of paper towel. Paper towels wear faster than wet cloth. It will help you to quickly and effectively remove paint residue from your brush.

Digital paint brush cleaning.

Tip 4: use a brush comfortably.

Sometimes it takes little effort to use a new brush, although the brushes in the kit work well. But I suggest that if you have your own familiar brushes, use them instead, because they give you control and comfort. If you are a painter, you must know what I am talking about when it comes to using a new brush.

Paint brush kit by number.

Tip 5: the art of ambiguity.

If you want the background or corners of the picture to look blurry, the best way is to use a clean, dry brush to draw the color on another close color on the canvas, or you can use your fingers.

Insider tip: if you want to slow down the drying time of paint for better blur effect, please use retarder.

Tip 6: use of three brushes.

You can find three different sizes of brushes in the toolbox. Everyone has a different job to do. Large brush, medium brush and small brush are respectively used for softness, sharpness and crispness, suitable for large and small areas. However, you can use them as needed, but remember not to draw all parts with a single brush. However, you can also buy 10 brush covers of different sizes from us.

Tip 7: use translucency.

If you are a beginner, you may have some difficulties in painting on the canvas, although the canvas you buy from all the paints is digital canvas, and the quality is very good. However, to avoid any inconvenience, apply translucent plaster to the surface of the canvas. It will give the canvas a light texture and ready to use painting touch. In addition, it also gives a matte effect.

Tip 8: be smart.

Oh, you'll love the trick, guys. Take out your smartphone and take a complete picture before painting the canvas. This will help you check the number associated with a particular part before drawing to prevent you from forgetting. Or, you can enlarge the picture in the mobile phone and see the small numbers in the small area, in case you can't see clearly.

It's time to give all the tips to the mother.

All techniques and techniques are useless unless you are not ready to paint emotionally, physically and mentally. Cultivate your passion for art and make yourself feel comfortable and relaxed. Feel that the first stroke of the brush is like a feather on your nerve. Try to integrate your emotions with lovely colors, so that you can master the art of painting comprehensively and effectively.