Paint By Numbers Custom

What is digital painting ?

Digital painting is a part of Paint By Numbers Custom it is system of dividing pictures into shapes, each of which is marked with a number corresponding to a specific color.

You paint on every shape, and eventually the painting becomes a finished one.

Why do you like drawing with numbers?

It will make you feel relaxed.

It frees you from everyday stress.

It will make you feel happier.

It makes you more focused.

It can improve your overall mental health.

It improves your painting skills.

All of the above facts are scientifically proven.

Why do you use your own photos to try to draw with numbers?

Your own digital photos are a good way to save all your good memories! You can revive them with this custom painting. You will be able to draw a picture of the person you love, your family or your lovely pet.

You can also use a personalized picture as a gift. Your loved ones, friends or relatives will be happy to get your lovely canvas or hand-painted photos from you.

How do you order a digital painting kit with your own photos?

1. Choose the right photo.

-The height and width of the image shall not be less than 750px.

-The background should not be too messy.

-Best choice: close up photo, smooth light.

2. Upload photos.

Please use the form above to upload photos. If you have any difficulties, please send your photos to

3. Complete the purchase.

When you complete the purchase pf Paint By Numbers Custom on the website, our designers will begin to process your photos immediately.

What's in the package?

High quality linen canvas rolled up with sturdy tubes (for paintings without frames) or stretched over wooden frames (for paintings with frames).

Acrylic coating package (no color matching is required, and the paint is enough to complete the coating).

A set of three brushes.

A painting guide for beginners.

Why buy from America?

All the paintings were produced in Poland and shipped from Poland to all parts of Europe.

Each order is sent as a priority registered shipment via Polish post with a tracking number.

Fast delivery to any destination in Europe.

Orders over 35 dollars can be delivered free of charge in United States.

The customer service team is available 7 days a week.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can get a 100% refund.

When can I get my order?

After the order is issued, the average production time is 3-5 days, and the delivery time is 5-10 days.