Paint By Numbers Canvas Kits

Today we introduce the tools commonly used in digital oil painting by numbers. Of course, most Paint By Numbers Canvas kits include these tools.

1. Canvas:
There are two kinds of materials, pure cotton cloth and chemical fiber cloth. In terms of types, it can be divided into pure cotton, linen, and imitation linen. Digital oil painting base on the market
These are pure cotton fabrics, and chemical fiber fabrics were used individually in the early days. For cotton, linen, and imitation linen, it can be used as a digital paint by numbers canvas kits. It's just that linen is not suitable for digital oil paint by numbers canvas kits, and almost no manufacturers use it. At this stage, the market is mainly pure cotton, and the cost and use are moderate. There is not much difference in canvas between manufacturers. Due to the increase in cotton prices, the price of cloth has been raised, which may become the incentive for different manufacturers on canvas in the future. Canvas artwork printing: Digital oil paint by numbers canvas is made of pure cotton cloth with a layered characteristic. For this reason, there are many printing methods suitable for this material. In the beginning, except for a few production everyone, other printing methods There are so many different ways, but basically everything is on track. The manufacturer will also choose different printing methods according to the quantity, specification, size and production scale of the product. The general difference is in the printing resolution and the printing cost. The specific differences can be distinguished by the naked eye.

2. Pigments:
Various manufacturers have different use of pigments, but they are all in the category of acrylic paints. The biggest technical indicator for digital oil painting is the paint itself. Large manufacturers can customize or have their own formulas in the pigment factory. Small manufacturers have to adjust their own colors after buying in bulk. For the use of digital oil painting, filling is the essence. For this reason, the pigment must be easy to color while covering, and high-grade acrylic paint is thicker. For someone who has just started painting, it is not easy to use. There are already acrylics for digital oil painting on the market Pigment manufacturers. As far as the quality of acrylic paints is concerned, various acrylic paint manufacturers target different markets and have different quality. Poor acrylic paints by numbers will deteriorate and smell for a long time. The previous digital oil painting manufacturers have caused this situation due to experience. In terms of the gloss of acrylic pigments, it is divided into two types: better gloss and general gloss. There is no need to use brightener after the former one. The latter requires a brightener, and the brightener itself exists in the actual professional painting, which is developed for acrylic paint. Therefore, the latter preference, because of the sense of brightness added to the picture, also added a layer of protective film.

3. Paintbrushes:
In fact, it is relatively simple, because this industry chain is too mature, the material and use of the pen are not much different, from the quality and workmanship, due to the price. There are some differences in different styles, the pen and nylon wool and workmanship can be distinguished with the naked eye. Manufacturers who make brands pay more attention to quality and appearance, and put pens on their logos or make them brighter. These are determined by the market positioning of the manufacturers. The brush uses high-elastic nylon material to draw more freely.

4. Inner frame:
There are two kinds of materials on the market, one is pine and the other is fir, which is divided into two kinds of thin and thick from the thickness of the wooden frame, from the assembly side
It is divided into two types: open falcon and non-falcon. The falcons are directly assembled by firs, while the pine is not open, and they are fixed with U-shaped nails. In terms of production, pine wood is more flexible, and is available in various markets, because it can be intercepted directly without opening a falcon, and the cost is low. The fir combination must be falcon-like, and the production is not flexible. Generally, it is provided by a professional wooden frame manufacturer. The cost is high, but its light weight, smooth surface, and strong resistance to natural deformation.

5. Paint box:
It can be divided into 3ml, 3.5ml, 4ml, 5ml, etc. according to the size of the painting. The material is mainly divided into two kinds of hard material and soft material. The soft material has good sealing, but the price is high. The sealing performance of hard materials is slightly worse than that of soft materials, and the price is also lower than that of soft materials.

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