Custom Paint By Numbers

CUSTOM Paint By Numbers, also known as digital customized digital painting and coded oil painting, is to process the painting into lines and digital symbols through special technology. The painter fills in the corresponding number of paint in the numbered color filled area, and then plays the finished product freely. It is popular in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea. It integrates leisure, decoration, gift and learning functions. It can make people without the basis of painting immediately draw an amazing work of art and enjoy endless fun of painting.

The digital DIY painting refers to the digital DIY painting which represents painting through the color separation process after color separation. Players can easily draw amazing, unique and master level original works of art without any painting basis by filling in the corresponding amount of paint in the area filled with numbers, which has been popular in Europe for hundreds of years. Digital DIY paint by numbers was invented in the United States in the 1950s. It is popular in France, Germany, Italy and other countries. It has influenced generations of people, making everyone who loves painting but has not learned painting very easy. In recent years, people's obsession with digital painting DIY digital paint is almost crazy, and it has set a sales record of 15 million pieces sold in four years. After half a century, many old people still cherish the digital DIY paintings of their childhood, hold a memorial exhibition together and look back on the past.

Digital DIY painting has a strong decorative and unique artistic charm. This is not a simple picture. Its charm lies in that everyone can use their own unique painting methods to complete the painting. Different painting methods make each painting have its own unique life, that is to say, each painting is a unique original artwork. Consumers have both real art experience and DIY fun. Digital DIY painting itself is a kind of DIY art. The works of world oil painting masters use special techniques to process paintings into lines and digital symbols. As long as the painter fills in the corresponding digital pigment in the digital color filling area, he can follow the development of technology. With the development of technology, if the digital DIY painting can not only process the oil painting into the digital DIY painting, but also process the photos, and process the real scenery on the photos into the digital DIY painting, so that the painter can make the digital DIY painting complete the work. In this way, you can draw yourself into a painting.

In comparison, digital coating DIY coating advantages.

1. Save money (buy a picture, rather than draw a picture yourself) a pure hand-made oil painting on the market, the price ranges from more than two or three hundred dollars to several thousand dollars..

2. Strong decorative (any family, hanging a painting of their own is absolutely the best) the finished product is very exquisite, decorative, suitable for decoration of various living and office spaces. Let your guests envy you.

3. It has the value of preservation (whether it is the painting itself or the meaning behind the work has its special value). Because our products are all painted by artists themselves, every DIY digital painting is a unique original artwork.

So whether you keep it or give it to others, it has a very special preservation value.

The digital DIY oil painting is well preserved and can be preserved for two or three hundred years. However, if not properly protected, some paintings may break, fall off and change color decades later. Any organism in nature will gradually age with the passage of time. In the evolution of various natural laws, oil painting also gradually appeared various degradation problems, and even faced with the bottleneck of preservation. So, how to protect your digital painting from damage?

1. After the digital DIY paint digital coating is completed, after the paint is dry, evenly apply a layer of "polish oil" for oil painting. This kind of varnish can protect the paint and canvas of the picture, make the picture look brighter and feel better.

2. In oil painting, lay a layer of transparent film paper on the front of the canvas, roll the canvas outside the special paper tube, and then wrap it with bubble paper. This will ensure that the painting is clean and free from distortion and creases.

3. Oil painting can't bond two paintings for a long time, so as to avoid paint adhesion caused by temperature rise, resulting in oil painting falling off and damaging the picture.

4. During transportation, avoid sharp objects poking into the canvas. When carrying the oil painting, the front of the painting should face itself. At the same time, pay attention to the dirt and greasy dirt of fingers, which may paint and color the digital DIY paint.

5. Choose the environment of hanging oil painting to avoid long-term dampness and pollution.

6. The back of canvas can be thinly coated with two layers of natural beeswax pre dissolved in turpentine to completely prevent damage caused by wet air infiltration.

7. do not spray chemicals such as sprays or pesticides on the paint.

8. Because the screen dust time is long, you can use a brush to gently brush, or you can use semi dry soft material to gently wipe. Oil paint is insoluble in water, but it will change color if it is wet for a long time. If there is lampblack on the oil painting, you can try to use a small amount of light fat soap water and clean water to gently scrub, then quickly use a sponge to absorb the water on the painting, and then use an electric fan to blow the oil painting surface. For oil painting with a long history, professional varnish can be used for oil painting maintenance. Before applying varnish, wipe the picture with a clean cloth.

9. In addition, if you encounter problems in oil painting restoration, please leave it to professionals for help.

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