Why Should We Customize Oil Paint By Numbers

Oil paint by number also known as digital painting and coded oil painting, was invented in the United States in the 1950s. It is to process the painting into lines and digital symbols through a special process. The painter can complete the hand-painting by filling the corresponding numbered pigment in the numbered color filling area. She is popular in Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, and combines functions of leisure, decoration, gifts, and learning. Anyone who has not studied painting can easily draw their own paintings. Many elderly people who are more than half a year now still cherish their childhood paint by numbers together to hold a memory painting exhibition and look back on the past.

Paint by numbers, everyone's favorite style is different. If you are a beginner, you can choose a relatively easy paint by numbers, the complexity is deepened step by step; if you have a certain painting foundation, you can choose your favorite things to create, such as cats, insects, flowers, landscapes, animals, mountains , nature, forest, and rivers, etc. And then hang as a decoration on your own wall, you will be happier.

Why Should We Customize Oil Paint By Numbers?

If you use photos provided by yourself to customize oil paint by numbers, the paintings you draw are unique and different from others. You can paint your favorite pets, flowers and plants, your family and friends, what you see and hear during your travels, these are people or things that are meaningful to you, and cannot be replaced by other paintings. After painting, you can give it as a gift to someone you cherish or hang it on the wall as a decoration. You can hang the finished product in the living room, study room, bedroom to add artistic flavor, or invite friends to visit the new house and proudly tell them "This is my own painting!", I think there should be a sense of accomplishment.

  • Benefits of DIY paint by numbers:
  • Experience Achievement: Completing a painting can give people a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.
  • Gift to friends: Oil paint by numbers is the best choice as a gift.
  • Elegance and leisure: In addition to reading books, playing the piano, and enjoying the flowers, this is also an elegant pastime after tea.
  • Cultivate patience: It is best for children to move, paint by numbers helps to cultivate the child's attention and patience.
  • Relieve stress: Infuse all your energy into the pen and ink, which is good for stress and moodiness.

Emotional cultivation:Oil paint by numbers can create opportunities for close communication with each other, suitable for office, family and entertainment venues

Cultivation of body and mind: For middle-aged and elderly people to complete a paint by numbers requires concentrating, gathering energy, moving the brain, moving fingers, and other physiological coordination that contribute to the physical and mental health, not medicine to win is medicine.