Where Can I Buy Paint By Numbers

In today's society, many people will choose to buy an oil paint by number to go back and create in order to relieve pressure or cultivate their sentiments. So what exactly is oil paint by numbers?

This product is the most fashionable paint by numbers technology introduced in Europe and America. The product is designed and processed by technicians.
As soon as the product was released, it generated huge social repercussions in Europe and the United States, and was named the most meaningful fashion DIY of the year by a British fashion magazine. Its advantage lies in: low price and simple operation can make an amazing work. If you dont know anything about oil painting, or if you are overwhelmed by the difficulty of oil painting, we will help you overcome these difficulties! Finish your dream of an oil painter! On the drawing board after the design and processing, just fill in the oil paint we distributed according to the color of the color block. When the filling is completed, you will find that your finished product has a style that is not inferior to that of the master! You can hang the finished product in the living room, study room, bedroom to add artistic flavor, or invite friends to visit the new house and proudly tell them "This is my own painting!" This product is suitable for all ages, you can choose to complete it by yourself You can also find a partner or child to work together. In the DIY paint by numbers process, you can not only cultivate art appreciation skills but also increase each others feelings.

So where can you buy cheap and easy-to-use paint by number kits? The answer is our website - https://diamondartcrafts.com/.


DiamondArtCrafts - the world's leading Paint by Numbers Kits online shop, is an international B2C fast Art & Crafts e-commerce platform. DiamondArtCrafts mainly targets America, Europe, Australia along with other 220 consumer markets. The brand was founded in 2016 and since then it has upheld the philosophy thatTo be the artist of life. Today DiamondArtCrafts has over 100,000 customers all over the world. Join us to paint the world more colorful!

Our website has various designs of paint by numbers to choose from: paint by number kits for adults beginners animals, flowers, tree of life, pet, lions, elephant, van gogh, character, country, kids and so on. In addition, if there is no style you like on our website or you want to customize your own style, you can send the picture to me to make a custom paint by numbers.

The paint by numbers we provide are all paint by number kits for adults no mixing, they are easy paint by numbers for adults and advanced paint by number and so cheap paint by numbers that everyone can buy one or more.

===Drawing method===

  --Carefully observe the paint by number of each small block on the original digital drawing board. Then select the corresponding digital paint in the paint bar and fill it with a brush. Each paint strip is pasted with a digital sticker, just match the number;
  --Because of the large number of colors, we recommend that you complete one color first, then fill in the second color, and gradually draw;
  --Our pigment is acrylic pigment, which has a certain coverage, even if you fill in the wrong color, you can cover and correct it;
  --If you have any doubts during the painting process, please refer to the original paintings on the outside of the box.
   Use of pigments and related precautions
  --Our pigments are acrylic pigments, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but inedible;
  --The paint contains a certain amount of water, please make sure to close the lid tightly when not in use to avoid the loss of water and cause the paint to dry;
  --If you find that the pigment is dry, you can add a few drops of water and stir it, it will not affect the normal use;
  --The paintbrush only needs to be cleaned with clean water, no need to mix the paint with water, and no need to match the color, just use the clean paintbrush dipped in paint to fill.