What is DIY Paint By Number Kits

DIY paint by numbers, also known as digital painting and coded oil painting, is to process the painting into lines and digital symbols through a special process. The painter can manually fill in the numbered color filling area with the corresponding numbered paint, and then be free Play the finished hand-drawn product. She is popular in Europe, America, Japan, and Korea, and combines functions of leisure, decoration, gifts, and learning. It can enable people without the basics of painting to immediately draw an amazing work of art and enjoy the endless process of painting. pleasure.

DIY oil paint by numbers has launched a new personality game, that is, you can personalize your photos into paint by numbers no mixing. Everyone knows that paint by numbers has transformed unattainable paintings into a civilian activity that ordinary people can complete. The pursuit of individuality is already a human pursuit. We don’t want to draw some fixed patterns in paint by numbers. We want to draw something of our own. Photo paint by numbers are much more expensive than general paint by numbers for adults, because personalized customization cannot be mass produced. But this is also the attraction of photo paint by numbers.

It is estimated that it takes about half a month from the beginning of design to the completion of paint by numbers. The main steps include:

1. Drawing, convert the photo into a format that can be modified, enlarge it, and print it as a picture for use.
2. Make a canvas, frame the canvas according to the size of the picture according to the printed photo picture, and draw out different colors with thin lines.
3. Color matching, according to the canvas on which the lines are drawn, color and glaze carefully.
4. To make the finished oil paint by numbers, a paint by numbers transformed from a photo will be painted.

Painting skills

1. Start with light colors, such as white, light yellow, etc. Since the acrylic paint has coverage, even if it is wrong, you can modify the dark color after the paint is dry.
2. It is recommended to apply the paint twice. The light color can be applied more times because of the poor coverage of the black number, but wait for the paint to dry before repeating the paint. The paint should be as thick and heavy as possible, so as to have more oil painting effect, and try to keep the stroke direction consistent.
3. When applying paint, please pay attention to the color pressure and cover the black lines of the color block to ensure the authenticity of the oil painting.
4. Acrylic paints are easy to dry, so be sure to close the lid when not in use to prevent the paint from drying out. Acrylic pigment is water-soluble, even if the pigment is dry, it can be dissolved in water.